Artist Feature Request Form

Are you an artist, photographer, or writer who could use a signal boost?

Well, I can probably give you a hand. I love sharing other people’s work, so I might write a feature article about you!

Full disclosure, this video is an old class assignment I made back in 2017, so a LOT of the information is dated, but mostly still relevant.

It’s free, and I get no ad revenue from sharing your work on my site. I just like spreading the word about talented artists! I do have a few requirements that must be met, though.

I only feature artists who create high quality, stunning works of art. This can be touchy, because not everyone has access to resources that can make the difference between a high-res upload and a blurry snapshot from a cell phone. That, and everyone is at different levels when it comes to skill. You may really make awesome work and have a lot of potential, but you might not be at the level of quality I look for when I want to feature someone. EVERY artist has value, so I don’t want anyone to be discouraged if I decline a request for a feature.

I do want to focus on featuring artists who create high quality work, so some will inevitably be denied based on my requirements. I’m sorry about that, and I hope you will understand! Please don’t be discouraged. If you want to be featured, fill out this feature request form! If you don’t meet my requirements, that’s okay! No love will be lost, and I may feature you on Twitter instead!

I DO NOT feature sexually explicit, racist, or discriminatory work on my site.

You can nominate other artists to be featured as well! I highly encourage this.


Here is what you need to do to get featured: 

Fill out this feature request form and click “submit”. I will get back to you via email once I receive your form, and I may follow up with additional questions if necessary.